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Products and Services

Translation, Contextualization, and Editorial Expertise

Glory Power Media’s team of talented professionals is equipped with graduate level education in the Chinese and English languages, translation, and theology.  All our projects undergo a three-step editorial process.  In addition to ensuring that the author's intent is carried through, and that the language is relevant for our Mainland Chinese audience, the final step is done by our in-house editors and includes a theological review.

Literature Ministry Consultation

Glory Power Media works with various partners to allow more in-depth Christian materials to be made legally available in China. 

Digital Solutions

Glory Power Media is excited to offer digital solutions for Christian resources. Resources are made available via the web and through popular mobile operating systems for smartphones and tablets.

Rich Media Experiences

Glory Power Media is pleased to provide a variety of media services to our partners.  This includes subtitling, design and layout of both print and electronic media, EPUB production, and social networking solutions.